Whiskey War Fest is everything LouFest promised to be but quickly shied away from.” – Dan Wright (Eleven Magazine, 2016) –Visit Article

*Voted Best Music Festival in 2014 by The River Front Times

“The Whiskey War Festival feels less like a major production and more like a delightful family reunion, where you can kick back with a can of Budweiser and some tunes before with lawn darts.” – Joseph Hess (RFT, 2014) – Visit Article

“Whip out your jorts, pre-game with some Bud Light, and get ready to catch some fantastic local bands during the third annual version of St. Louis’ premiere grassroots music festival. Groove to local artists performing everything from grunge to folk to Americana.” – Allison Sylte (KSDK, 2014) – Visit Article

“The anticipation and excitement is heightened, and it’s sure to be a must see event of the summer.” St.  Charles Community News, 2013

“Wait, so where is it? It’s got a fucking tank in front of it dawg. Keep an eye out and dress for excess. This is summertime.” – Evan Sult (Eleven Magazine, 2013)